Castle In the Sky 2022

Castle In the Sky 2022

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Castle in the Sky III 

Our newest bounce house designed for weddings, adult parties, sweet 16, photoshoots or just for kids parties!

Castle in the Sky is 13x11 deep and 13 height with a removable shade for sunny days!


Now you can have the option of keeping the bounce house for 24 hours, perfect way to entertain your birthday child the next day of the party or a day before the party.

Please reserve your booking at the time you want us to deliver (not the time that the party starts)

➪Delivery Fee includes drop off, installation and pick up. 

➪Free delivery for chairs and tables with a booking of a bounce house. 

➪We don’t service on dirt or gravel.

➪We no longer serve at public parks. Please contact us for an exception if your party will be at a gated community park. Also, we requiere power and we are not responsible for the rental of a generator. 

We understand that things outside of your control can come up. To be fair to all parties involved we offer our customers the ability to move their booking to any date within a year of their initial booking all the way up until the day of the event free of charge. In the event of a full cancellation and refund we require at least 20 days in advance notice for a refund minus a $75 original deposit. Full refunds including deposit are available for 48 hours after the initial date of booking.